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    Selling iPhone 5


      Hi everyone,


      I love my old phone, but thought I would take advantage of my upgrade and purchase the iphone 5 only to resell it back to the market.  I'm just concerned of the process. 


      1. When I receive the phone, do I first have to open it and activate it, or will I be able to sell it, as is, with the packaging still intact? 

      2. I believe the iphone 5 uses a sim card and will probably have my phone number sync'd with it, am I able to leave the sim card in the phone still and deactivate it through different means?


      Basically, I was hoping to sell the iPhone 5 without opening it, retaining its pristine value, while keeping my number on my current phone.


      Thank you kindly

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          Why would you sale the device? You have a 14 day return policy so all you have to do is return the device and get your money back and all you will be out is the restock fee that you would be charged for the device.....

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            I'v seen allot of these on Ebay Wildman were a seller buys a Unit still has there line covered.. and ask a healthy asking price for the item.. i remember when i got my Maxx i would Look on Ebay and some of the sellers would have up to 3 units and i could afford one..

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              Selling the device after signing a contract really doesnt make since because the price of the device wont benifit the owner..  After early termination fee and price of contract monthly would cost more than it wirth online.


              I would just return the device but that is just my opinion..

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                Yup.. when i looked on there i believe there were two sellers selling there i-5's for $1000 and i think there was one asking $1500 wow.. i was kind of zooming threw..

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                  I think there was some confusion.


                  I'm signing a two-year contract and wouldn't be terminating it.  I'd be keeping my old phone still and only would be extending my contract with another 2 years. I've been with Verizon since I've had a mobile phone, and that's a long time.  I'm certain I won't be switching to another service anytime soon.

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                    No offense but why upgrade your contract for two years and pay for a new device and data plan when you dont have to?  If the device and plan is working for you why dont you remain on month to month plan until you needed to upgrade.


                    I do not see any benefit in buying/sale the new device and lock yourself into another contract, the contract will be for the contract on the smartphone.



                    The prices that you seen online for sale I can guarantee that the saler wont get that price. The retail full price isn't that high so only a person with a ton of loose cash and minimal research skills would think those prices made sense to pay.

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                      Yea they really go over board on the prices.. make me wonder how long they set on em,,

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                        Another thing is that the iPhone has lost its popularity factor so I do not see how they would even think someone would bite on a price like that.

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                          Yup the ability to do two things at Once on 4G  like our Android models can do i think put a stinger in it.. That is one feature i was really wanting to be able to use when i got my Maxx and i was thrilled when i seen in Action for the first time. I know there is got to be allot of Verizon's customers that are ticked because they waited for this "1" feature and Apple may implement in next years model if they decide to go that Route. And the SIII's commercials might have added a little cold chill as well...  If i had another open Line i might try one just to see the Difference in phone styles.. But what i really like seeing is that Moto / Verizon is going to be possible re-leasing the Razr HD and the Maxx HD next week i am ready to see one and have one in my Hand. It's Like Candy.. b


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