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    Text Message Problems Sending and Receiving


      Hi all, whenver I send a text message on my S3, using the stock messaging app, it says it is sending, with the little circle moving, like Windows, but hangs up there forever!!  Some texts are received and some aren't.  I also have trouble receiving texts on my end.  Solutions??



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          kaelsidhe said in:


          "Lastly, I can confirm that when sending a text, if you convert the message to MMS type then it works fine.  (while typing your message, hit settings button, then Add Slide and Send.  This converts message to MMS type)"


          Converting a message to mms forces it to be sent as data instead of over the 1X band/protocol.  If this is true it may mean that you have trouble getting a 1X signal or your phone has trouble switching from data to 1X.  Do you have trouble with phone calls too?  Is this happening in one place more than others?  If so it may be a connection/tower issue where you are.


          PS:  Another thought in case you have mobile data turned off or have no cell signal.  To paraphrase demmo86rt in another thread, mms will not download and send over WiFi. If you are using WiFi, you must leave mobile data switched on and it will cycle over for the send/download then go back to WiFi.  You cannot turn mobile data off and use only WiFi and hope to send and receive mms texts.


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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            @jack1953 - Breezex offered some really good advice and info! Did any of these help out with resolving the issue? We definitely want you to be able to send and receive text messages.

            Let us know so we may assist further if needed! Thank you jack1953 and breezex. Take care!

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