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    New phone but SIM from old phone won't fit


      I just bought a Droid Razr Maxx online from someone and noticed that it's using the new micro SIM cards. I have a HTC Thunderbolt which uses the old/bigger SIM cards. It looks like the line is still active from the phone I just bought. I'll contact the seller and make sure they close the account. Before I do this, should there be any fees if I call up Verizon to do this for me? I went to the local Verizon store and was told it's $10 to deactivate the SIM on my current HTC phone and activating the micro SIM (which the phone currently has) on the Motorola Droid. I'm not sure if the guy was just charging for the service or if this could be done for free by Verizon. Either way, I had to bring it back home since it's still active.


      I also have a second question. I have a second phone with T-Mobile and the contract is about to expire in about two months. I want to keep that number and port it over to Verizon. Is there a charge for that and how long does it take? Is it a simple phone call and they will contact T-Mobile with my information or will I also need to reach out to T-Mobile to get this done?





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          It can be done for free by visiting a CORPORATE store - the store you visited is an "indirect" store, or "authorized retailer". VzW doesn't charge for sim cards OR sim activation, but third party stores like the one you visited often do. It's basically a scam since they're charging a fee to type 20 digits into a computer and click "ok".


          If you don't have a corporate store anywhere near you, you can also call Customer Service and request a microSIM card be shipped to you. CS can be reached at 1 800 922 0204. This is also free, but obviously you have to wait for shipping.

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            I knew it was kind of suspicious. Thanks Jax_Omen. Is it correct that the new phone still needs to be deactivated first? I sent a message to the seller to deactivate it but not sure how long that will take. I assume this is not because the SIM is active but the phone itself (IMEI is tied to the other person's account)?

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              That I do not know. Sorry.

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Thank you Jax_Omen for taking the time to help! I appreciate it.


                Jax_Omen is correct in saying that you can take the phone into a VZW store and get a new SIM card for the new phone at no cost. They call also activate the new phone. If the other phone is still active on another account you can just remove the old SIM card and insert the new one once it has been activated on your line. Visit http://bit.ly/3SdsA to find the nearest VZW store.

                In regards to your second question, you can port in your number from T-mobile at no cost. Are you going to add a new line with the number or are you replacing your current VZW number with the T-mobile number?

                You can contact the port in center at 888-844-7095 to start the port in process http://bit.ly/qDhvBY. Make sure to have the T-mobile account number available and account billing password (if you have one on the account)available as this information is needed to start the port in. Once the port in is processed we will contact your other carrier and port in the number. Once the port in is complete your T-mobile account should disconnect automatically but you may want to confirm with the other just to be sure.

                I trust this has fully addressed your concerns. Keep me posted if you need further assistance.

                John B

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                  Thanks John. I was told that I can't activate it until the original owner released the device from their account. It's like it's locked. I'm not sure if they released it, but I made another call today and was able to successfully have it activated. Everything works now


                  How long does port the number usually take? I'm asking because right now I'm on a family line and 4 of those numbers will be moving to another phone provider while I will stick with Verizon and have that number ported over to replace my current VZ number. I'm not sure how that will affect my old number if the other 4 lines are going to a different provider. Will my number still be active alone after this? I just want to have everything done at the same thing (those 4 lines moving to a different phone provider and mine ported over to Verizon).