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    Samsung Brightside SCHU380 software


      My phone is running software version u380.EK05.  The e-mail function causes the phone to power cycle.  I cannot access the e-mail screen and the notification that I have an e-mail powers down and powers up the phone.  The VZW call center says I am two updates behind, including one that would fis my issue.  The VZW store tells me that can no longer do updates and an attempt to update over the air gets me a "connecting" screen forever.  How am I supposed to get the updated software and get the phone to operate normally?

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          this is the same exact problem my mom has with hers. i heard someone say in a forum on here that you will need to do a hard reset on the device and try that. if that doesnt work, i would try to get a refurbished device from verizon.

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Hello to you Busydad!

            I want email to power up your day, not power down your phone! You are definitely correct, this is a behind of software. 

            As Archeryhunter(thanks!) mentioned sometimes a hard reset will allow you to call the software update to the phone. Make sure you're backing up with Backup Assistant first and all your phone information is safe and sound, then follow these steps: http://support.verizonwireless.com/clc/devices/knowledge_base.html?id=54099

            As long as you have no physical or liquid damage and this phone was purchased on this account we would then replace the phone if the hard reset doesn't pull the new software.

            Keep me posted just in case we need to replace!


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              Does the latest software fix the calendar alarm not working properly issue?

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                I just got this phone not too long ago and after using it for 2 weeks I started getting the T9 shutting off problem. I tried doing a software update but I just get the Connecting thing forever and it never connects. I've also tried plugging it into my computer and download the drivers and things on my computer which it fails to do.


                at first when I'd try to update software I would see the little phone and an S in the top like it was making a data call but then after a minute or two it would go away and the connecting was still there. Now when I try to "Check New" for new software the little phone and the S in the top bar doesn't even show up.


                I am also running the u380.EK05 software version.

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                  I wanted to update this... My phone finally updated the software over the air and I have the most current software.


                  It sounds weird but I was just playing around with my phone and put it on NAM2, the phone reset and then had me call *228 and press 1 to activate it again, after that it reset again then searched for software and found the software and updated. Then I just continued searching for software and updating software until I got to the most recent. After that I switched back to NAM1 and now the searching for software is fixed and doesn't "connect" forever and I don't get the "Server Unavailable" either. Since its up to date it just says "No software update available" but it does work now.

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                    I had been attempting to update my Brightside for MONTHS...and only got the connecting screen which never completed...yesterday I tried it again with the same results. SO...I went into the Samsung webpage and 'registered' my phone...which then gave me a computer 'upload' which I went ahead and completed.  This morning I connected my phone to my computer to 'charge' it and it began almost immediately doing a software upgrade to version EK05.1 !!!!  I now have my UPGRADE...and I now have the BLUE screen instead of the orange one !!!  YEAH !!!!!!