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    (Extremely Simple) Data Overage Charges Question


      I can not find this answer anywhere, which is odd because it seems like it's a simple enough question and probably a common one for someone who is not anywhere near used to a limited data plan.  I have a new iPhone 5.  The data limit is 2 GB.  I got a message saying I'm over my limit.  Fine.  It's pro-rated which means I didn't get 2 GB for the first few days but I also didn't pay as much.  Fine.  I have no idea what the limit is until it starts new on October 11.  I also don't know what the carge is, if anything,  (There should be no charge since I was already under a data plan and paid the full amount for unlimited data the month before--unless of course they refund part of that amount and zero everything out, I guess that would be fine then.)  Those facts don't really concern me at this point, so I'm not necessarily seeing the answer to those questions as a priority for right now.


      All I simply want to know is what is the cost of going over the limit and how much do you have to be over before you are charged.  I have read conflicting reports from various sources, none of them associated with this particualr website.  If it's $15 for 1 GB over, then I have nothing to worry about until I actually reach 3 GB, correct?  I wouldn't be charged for say, 2.5 GB or even 2.99 GB?  Again, this information was nowhere to be found.  I'm assuming it is somewhere here, I just apparently don't know where to look.


      Thank you for any help you can provide and if it's not too much trouble, please also provide a link if you're not an official CSR.  I'll take any information that anyone has, however, at this point.

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          If you are on a Share Everything plan, you are charged $15/GB for overages. If you have a 6GB allowance, you will be charged $15 as soon as you are over your allowance, another $15 after you exceed 7GB, etc...


          If you are on a tiered data plan such as the 2GB for $30, the overage is $10/GB and is charged in the same manner.

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            On tiered data plans, usage is rounded up to the nearest GB on your bill.  If you are on a 2-GB plan and use 2.001 GB, you'll be charged for an extra GB since you went over your limit.


            And if you switched phones/plans during your billing cycle, then yes, you were pro-rated on your data.


            There's also glitches in how the iPhone 5 is reporting data usage; lots of threads about this on this forum if you want to do a search.

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              Thank you.  I am on a tierd data plan.  I do know about the wifi problems, so I'm assuming there will be some type of grace by Verizon for the first month or for the first billing charge at least.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't have much intention of paying any overages for the first few days of this paticular billing cycle.  I think I know how to do the update on my phone so that the wifi issue is fixed.


              I'll just have to wait and see what the bill says I guess, since my cycle is up in three days.  I'm assuming there's no other way to view the information that really matters.  Again, I know I'm over 2 GB at this point so I guess that's at least helpful.


              Thanks again.

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Hi there Gabelogan99!

                I'm so excited for your new iPhone 5! I hope you're loving it. I wanted to chime in here and provide a link to some additional information.

                No one likes overages so you're able to Dial #DATA (#3282) and get an estimate of your current data usage. If you have the tiered $30.00/2 GB stand alone data plan then it would be $10.00/1 GB used passed your allotment.

                If you're on the new Share Everything Plan then it would be $15.00/1 GB or if we have the option we could possibly "backdate" a higher data plan. The plans differences are only $10.00 between each allotment.
                For example if you have the 2 GB Share Everything Plan it's only $10.00 more to go to the 4 GB plan. 

                If you ever have any other questions though here's a really good link: http://bit.ly/RQtRY7

                #2 under "General Information" provides a grid for the stand alone plan and #7 under "Manage Your Data" refers to Share Everything.

                Enjoy your new phone and let us know if you have any other questions! Thank you community for helping out.


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