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    RAZR keeps losing signal


      Very frustrated with VZW right now. 


      I like in the DFW area, and have had the worst luck with VZW phones as of late.  Had 3 Bionic's, all returned defective.  Managed to get a Droid RAZR, however ever since I have gotten it, the phone will kick down to 3G inexplicably.  When this happens, the signal strength just dies.  it goes from -83dBm to -110dBm in a matter of seconds. This is no matter where I am, including places where I had great signal strength with all previous phones I have had (ie in the middle of Dallas).


      I have talked with VZW tech support many times since getting this phone who all have different answers including forcing LTE/CDMA in the settings and changing data roaming options, but nothing has resulted in any kind of resolution.


      On my own, I reset the phone to factory spec and it's still messing up on me.


      So here I am with four defective phones in a row from VZW and the thought that perhaps I should try a different carrier at this point because why should I believe that another replacement phone is going to be any better than what I have currently.


      If anyone else knows of a fix, please let me know.  Otherwise, I'm going to have to leave VZW.

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          Hello alabcarian- I have the Maxx but the internal is the same as yours. Verizon was kind enough to allow me an upgrade to the Maxx after I had the Bionic for only seven months. I had your problem usually only at my office where the signal is not quite as strong as at home. Plus my office has a metal roof. Here's what I did that helped me a lot. Turn the phone off. Remove the sim card. With the card out, turn the phone on and let it power up completely. Of course it won't let you, but try to make a phone call and open the browser and try to get on the internet. It will tell you to insert the sim, but you want to make the phone do this. Then turn to phone off. Insert the sim card and turn the phone on and hopefully that will help. I'm not saying it will work for you, but it helped me a lot. You probably already did a reboot I would guess. Sometimes that helps if the phone is acting silly. Also, I clear my system cache every few weeks. It's not a guarantee, but I hope this helps you too. Good luck.

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            There is a free app from motorola in the market you should get. It is called restore connectivity from Motorola. I had the same issues as you. Once you add this app it resets your phone so you can get the 4g lte signal. You can reset it as needed. Try it, it is free.

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              I'm trying both of these suggestions as I type.  I will update on the

              status  as soon as I know whether it worked.  Thanks to both of you.

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                I no longer have issues at my home, however when I am at work that is a different story.  I work in North Dallas, in highly populated, heavily trafficked areas where I had flawless coverage until a couple of days before opening up this thread. 


                I sometimes have great signal strength and then it drops, just dies.I'm guessing there is some kind of issue with cell towers in this area so I will call tech support again and see if they can do anything for me.

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Hi there Alabcarian!

                  Staying connected no matter where you are is absolutely important! I don't want you to be frustrated, I know I would be too if I couldn't us my phone.  I will be more than happy to provide some additional suggestions.

                  Thank you so much Piscestg & Mikeh for contributing and supporting the community, you rock!

                  I'm super glad to hear these suggestions provided some relief. Let's get it fixed everywhere! Where you able to contact our Tech support to file a ticket for your work area? If not, I would be glad to do so!

                  I've followed you. Simply send me a Direct/Private message and include your phone number and I can get a ticket filed.


                  Follow us on Twitter @vzwsupport

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                    Give the Suggestion mikeh1375 a try.. and you might give this a try do a Soft Rest the Phone if you know the procedure if Not hold the Bottom Volume an the Power at the Same time And what i have been Doing when i do reset's on my Maxx's  i hold in on the Two for at least 20 sec's if you can go a Wii bit longer that might help even More.. But hopefully that clears things up.. b33