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    LG Cosmos power/end button dials 147*


      I have a LG Cosmos that is over 2 years old.  I replaced the battery this past July.  A few weeks ago, it started to dial 147* when I would press the power/end button to end a call.  Now it does it everytime I press the power/end button.  The only way to get back to the home screen is to continually press the clear button.  Anyone have any thoughts?



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          Hi Turtle07!

          I'm sure this is not what you want your phone to do, dial 147# after you end a call. You may have the auto retry set for this number, by mistake. This is a setting listed in the call settings of the phone. Here is the owner's manual for the Cosmos. You will find this information on page 96. http://bit.ly/RrVp6w

          Thanks in advance!

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            I understand what the original poster is talking about, mine is doing the same thing. He doesn't WANT the phone to dial that, it just randomly happens one day and doesn't stop. Every time you hit "END" it quickly dials 147*, which causes a headache as you can imagine. Especially trying to end a call.


            The phone settings for End Call didn't help, it doesn't have anything to do with programming the call settings. This is the fourth time mine has done this...it quit doing it one day randomly as well. I guess you just have to ride it out, if there isn't help for it? I wish I could find an answer regarding it, but haven't thus far.