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    New sim card


      How do I go about getting a new sim card? Do I have to go to a corp. store or can I go to an

      authorized retailer? And do they charge?

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          You can request one through your MyVerizon account when you go to activate the phone.  You can also go to a CORPORATE store and pick on up for FREE.  A retailer is likely to charge to though.

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            Do I just ask for one or do they have to trouble shoot. I am having a problem with my phone and have gotten 2 different answers from Verizon, in store and online but I found out in a forum that the fix was a new sim card which Verizon denies. So will they just give me one or will they give me the run around?

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              If you are having issues then likely they would want to troubleshoot.  You could say that you have tried all the other troubleshooting options except a new SIM card.  They will activate the SIM card in the store and will want to swap it in the phone there.