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    IPhone 5 Randomly changes date and time


      I just got 2 iPhone 5's and it appears to have a problem with randomly changing the the date and time.  I have experienced this on both handsets and it is bit frustrating.  This appears to be a Verizon iPhone 5 issue only as describe by other Verizon clients on the apple discussion boards. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4347494?tstart=0


      this afternoon I had just received a SMS message and then noticed the time and date hat reverted back to sometime on september 2. to fix it I turn on airplane mode and wait about 30 seconds turn it back on it thn fixes the time once it gets a read from the tower.


      If others are having this problem please chime in or if you have discovered a solution that works please let us know.

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          I've also got two iPhone 5's, both 64G with Verizon and both are randomely changing the time.  I called Verizon but they were no help. 

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            I'm also having the same issue. Upgraded from iPhone 4's -> iPhone 5's. Never had date/time trouble with the old phone but the new ones started having trouble almost immediately after I was able to get them activated. Stopped by the VZW store and they said they'd never heard of the issue and that they would recommend just performing a General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. When the phone came back to life, of course it had the right time but ended up being 4 hours off later that day. Your airplane mode solution is the only thing that quickly-but temporarily-resolves this issue.


            All we can do is hope Apple & Verizon quit passing the buck back and forth and actually work together to get this issue resolved.

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              My Oregon Iphone5 started doing this after the carrier version updated to Verizon 13.1. There are dozens of complaints on the Apple discussion pages, including mine. My phone jumps backwards to yesterday,  and often six hours earlier than is correct. I get error codes saying a message is prevented because my date and hour settings are wrong. I have lost messages, sent and received, because of this. My calendar is frequently useless. I cannot rely on reminders or alarms. This has been under discussion for more than a week. Where are Apple and Verizon? OF course, I have the phone set to automatically set the time and date. Often, I can get back to the right time and date by switching to airplane, shutting down all signals, waiting a bit, and then turning my signals back on. But, the correction lasts only for a random period.

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                I'm in the same boat.  I've been dealing with the random time/date shift since launch day.  I preordered 3 iPhone 5s with Apple.  The iPhone I received arrived with a scratch on the back, so I had that replaced with a new phone.  However, before I had that phone replaced, it presented the problem with the time shift.  It was off by 12 hours into the past.  Sometimes this would throw the date off; it depends on if the time shift went back past midnight.  At that point, all 3 new iPhones were exhibiting this problem.  All would change times at least once throughout the day, but not at the same time.  For instance, if my phone switched to the wrong time, my son's might still be displaying the correct time.  However, all time shifts were the same - 12 hrs. plus about 14 minutes into the past. 


                The new iPhone I received from Apple also exhibited this problem before I'd finished syncing it with my iMac.  I've tried every possible permutation of toggling off and on location settings, auto time zone settings, wifi, cellular, time zone settings, etc. Nothing has prevented this time shift from happening. I've restored the phone, restored from a back up and set it up as a new device, but to no avail.


                All 3 iPhones have been doing this before the 13.1 carrier settings update.  They've continued to do it after the update, too.


                I'm in western North Carolina and nowhere near a time zone border.


                I called Verizon and the expression about being useless as mammary glands on a bull comes to mind.  They're clueless. 


                There's a bigger forum going on at Apple's Support Community right now.  This is definitely a VZW problem.  Time to get it fixed, Verizon.  Can you hear me now?

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                  Hey guys, i dont have an iPhone 5, but i have had every iPhone so hopefully i can help.


                  Put your iPhone into DFU, basically forcing it to shutdown and start all over again, it overrides the Restore As New

                  to do this.

                  Step One

                  Open iTunes and connect the iPhone to your Mac.

                  Step Two

                  Press and hold the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time.

                  Step Three

                  After exactly 10 seconds release the Sleep/Wake button. Continue holding the home button until you iTunes pops up a message telling you that it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.


                  The iPhone will display a black screen, this means you successfully entered DFU Mode


                  let me know how it goes guys thanks

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                    This doesn't work.  I did that on launch day and while that is a good idea, it is completely ineffective at solving the problem. 

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                      I too have been experiencing this problem as well.  Dropped by the Verizon store yesterday, they did the samethings mentioned above.  I still have not seen it go haywire.  Hopefully a software update is available in the near future.

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                        After being told by a "next level" support tech to expect a phone call about this issue today and not getting one, I called again (maybe the 4th call about this issue).  This time, the "next tier" person actually opened a trouble ticket to make sure it is escalated.  She told me that there is already an "alert" in their system about the problem so perhaps the word has finally reached someone who can seriously address the cause.  By the way, the technician told me that it is affecting more than just the iPhone 5 but no all 5's, implying that it may be IOS related.  I don't buy that.  IOS 6 works great on my iPad and my wife's iPhone 4 did not do this after the 6 upgrade, but her new iPhone 5 has done it repeatedly since activation. 

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                          I still haven't got my iphone 5 to show accurate time and date yet. It keeps going back to Oct. 5.

                          This type of problem happened to me back in 2008 with my blackberry.

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