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    Verizon Rewards Program?


      I received a strange phone call today from an individual claiming to be with Verizon's Reward Program. He stated that as of September 30th I had been given status as a Verizon preferred customer, or something like that, and that I was eligible for a $50 discount off of my next bill. He wanted me to confirm some personal information, but I quickly became suspicious as I had never heard of this before. I asked if I could call back in a bit to complete the conversation as I was very busy at the moment and then he stated that because he is with a 3rd party that handles this for Verizon, there is no way to call back, but that he would try again later in the day.


      Has anyone ever heard of this, or is it a scam? I don't like handing out information to anyone unless I am positive they are legit. Don't get me wrong, I'd be happy to get a credit on my bill as I have been with Verizon for over ten years, but this just seems too odd. Especially considering the number that called me had too many digits (86282452253).

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