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    Getting an error message when trying to activate HTC Thunderbolt


      When I dial *22898 I get a Message that says


      !Phone Activation


      A Verizon Wireless SIM card has

      activated your service and updated

      your phone's roaming capabilities



      Can anyone please tell me what this means?

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          You don't need to dial that number to activate the HTC Thunderbolt. The SIM card in the device does it for you.

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Hello kimme00171! I can help you decipher the message you received while attempting to activate the Thunderbolt. Because you are using a 4G device, it's no longer necessary to call *228 to activate your phone. The activation can be completed by following the steps below:

            1. Sign in to My Verizon.
            2. Locate the I Want To… section.
            3. Under the DEVICE column, select Activate or Switch a Device. The devices active on the account display.
            Select a device.
            4. Click Next. The Backup Contacts page displays.
            5. If Backup Assistant is installed already, click the Back Up Phone Now button.
            6. If eligible for Backup Assistant, click the Install Backup Assistant button and follow steps to install from device.
            7. If NOT eligible for Backup Assistant, click the appropriate Operating System link and follow steps
            8. Select Next. The Activate or Switch Device page displays.
            9. Type the IMEI in the Enter Device ID field.
            10. Select Submit. The Activate Phone page displays.
            11. Select Continue to SIM Cards. The SIM Card Required page displays.
            12. Do one of the following:
            Select Send me a SIM Card (Free SIM Card is mailed to the customer).
            Type the number in the Enter SIM ID Code field If you already have a new or existing Verizon Wireless-certified SIM Card.
            13. Select Continue. The Select a Plan page displays.
            14. Choose the desired plan.
            15. Click Select. The Select Features & Services page displays
            16. Click to make any desired changes.
            17. Select Select Features & Services. The Your Packages page displays.
            18. Select Submit Changes.
            19. The Activate Device confirmation page displays instructions for completing the activation process.

            I know I provided you with a lot of steps, but once you get started you will breeze right through. Have a great day.


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