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    Reception problem with Samsung Galaxy S III...SOLUTION!!!


      My husband and I both purchased new Samsung Galaxy S III's.  The devices are awesome, except...we could no longer get reception in our offices and home to make a simple phone call.  After many, MANY phone calls to Samsung and Verizon's level 2 technicians...I scored with a rock star named Jason today.  He fixed the problem by having me 'wipe cashe partition' on my phone and doing something on his end.  Here's what he had me do:

      1. Take the battery and sim card out of phone;
      2. put the battery and sim card back in without powering the phone back on;
      3. Power the phone up a different way: by holding (at the same time) the volume key, the power key, and they home key (don't let go);
      4. Continue to hold these three key (through the samsung start up, etc.) until the green android guy shows up and then release;
      5. Use the volume key to highlight "wipe cashe partition";
      6. Use power key to select;
      7. Then using the volume key highlight "reboot system now";
      8. Use power key to select.


      Verizon also did something on there end...wish I knew (sorry); BUT it worked!! For the first time since we purchased the phones in August, we can receive and make calls in the same places we used to!! Oh happy day!!


      Jason told me that this fix is not in their 'known issues fix book' so it's a hit or miss.  Hopefully the word will get out.  I'm going to call Verizon back to see if they can make it 'known'!! THANK YOU JASON!!