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      I bought this phone because I wanted something with killer battery life AND because it's loaded with RAM and processing power.  But after I updated to ICS ( due to issues) I noticed that all the nice animations that I had on the old OS are now gone.  My phone is slow and choppy!  Turning the phone horizontal and vertical causes the orientation to change after about 2 seconds and it doesn't transition smoothly.  it just "pops" into it's new orientation without trying to look smooth while it's doing it.  This is the story with MANY of the featurs on the phone.  The menus are slow and boring.  I bought an expensive phone so that I would not have to deal with "free smart phone" blues.  But look what I got.  I slow, choppy phone that I paid out the nose for.


      Any suggestions?  Is there any setting that will allow a friendlier looking OS?  This thing just looks like it is out of the 80's.  Sometimes I have to restart it because it responds to touch slowly.  looking at pictures is a painstaking and embarassing feat.  I had to put fireworks as my backdrop so that it would look exciting.  blah.  I should have gone with the galaxy SIII or something. 




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          HMMM... sounds like you need to clear the caches and do a soft reset. My phone is fast and smooth from one transition to the next. I realize some people like the slow sweeping transitions but I myself appreciate the battery saving action that goes on behind the scenes when the OS and screen don't have to do all that refreshing. With GB I got about 48-60 hours of daily use from my phone, with ICS I get 80-96 hours of the same use.

          I have to say though that I don't have but a few apps and I don't have any games on the phone - it's a phone, mail stop and G+ quick checker for me. I have Evernote and have used it in my school work (in a pinch) with no problems. I have used it as a radio and MP3 player but not often. I use the Kindle app to read my school book.

          Over all, I'm impressed with the upgrade and I look forward to JB but won't be suicidal if it doesn't happen.

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            +1 to Duewester


            Duewester...did you use to participate in the BB forums?

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              BB? Blackberry? No. Never had one but sister in law still has one.She likes it mostly I think for the ease of e-mail use. I have no experience with them. My Razr Maxx is my first Android phone. I have a Samsung Omnia 2 Win6.5 phone that is now just a Solitare game player by the toilet. The biggest reason I switched was lack of support for the phone from Samsung and Verizon. As a phone and web browser it worked great.

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                HMMM... sounds like you need to clear the caches and do a soft reset


                Is this different than turning the phone off and on like I mentioned that I do already (almost on a daily basis)?

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                  Good Response..D.W. 

                  Textman if it keeps giving you Trouble Try a Clearing of the Cache Partition, if that doesn't work i would try a Factory Reset but if you Do that do just the Reset not the Internal storage or your Card leave that for a Later clearing if it's still Acting Up..


                  Here is the Instructions for clearing the Cache Partition: Give this a Try Hope it Helps ya Out Let me know the Results.. b33



                  These are the Instructions on Clearing the Cache Partition:  For Razr & Razr Maxx


                  Top Alternate method


                  1. Power the device off.
                    Note Press the Power button then select Power off.
                    Note If the device doesn't respond to input, press and hold the Volume Up / Down then press and holdPower button. When the device screen goes blank release the Power button while continuing to holdVolume Up / Down, proceed with step 3.
                  2. Press and hold the Volume Up / Down then press the Power button.
                  3. When presented with the Boot Mode Selection Menu release all buttons.
                  4. Press Volume Down to select Recovery then press Volume Up.
                  5. From the Droid triage screen, simultaneously press Volume Up / Down.
                  6. Select Clear the Cache Partition then press the Power button.
                  7. Select reboot system now then press the Power button.