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    Samsung stratosphere charging port


      I recently switched to Verizon back in June. I chose the stratosphere because of the keyboard feature. It's now September & my phone won't charge at all. I'm not sure if it's the battery or what but I brought a new charger & I have to put force into the charger for it to charge. Is there a way this can be fixed? & if so, how much?

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          I had similar problems when I got my first Stratosphere about a year ago.  I went through 3 of them before I got one that worked.  I was told the actual charger port in the phone was faulty and can not be repaired, so I had to be shipped another unit.  And the joy of setting up your phone repeatedly! Only a joy if you like wasting time. 


          Finally I got a unit that would charge.  I also purchased the extra large battery.  And while it makes the phone more clunky and heavy (though not unbearable) the battery stays charged all day.  I don't talk much on the phone, but use email and text quite often.


          Good luck!  I feel your pain....MAH

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Hi there Willb672!

            Ensuring your phone is able to receive a charge is a super important function of the device. I'm so sorry that your phone is having difficulties making that solid connection.

            I truly appreciate you taking the time to get a new charger just in case that was the issue. As MAH mentioned, since you tried that new charger, it may be the phone itself.

            As you've had the phone for less than a year it should still be under the manufacture warranty which will allow us to replace the phone at no cost to you.

            We would want to be sure the phone is free of any physical or liquid damage as you may be charged $299.00 if there is damage.

            I would be delighted to work with you and review your account options. You are able to send me a Direct Message with your phone number and I can go over your options with you!


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              I have the same issue with the same phone. Unfortunately, my phone is no longer under warranty. I can only charge the phone in the car. For some reason that car charger stays connected while the wall charger will constantly connect/disconnect. Which will then drain the battery. I can't understand why this happens unless there is a slight difference in the size of the 2 connectors. When I took it into a Verizon store they gave me a new wall charger, but it made no difference. Is there any way to fix this?