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    Losing Signal




      I've owned the same Verizon LG phone for the past several years and just recently (the past week) I started experience strange signal issues. It seems everytime I try to make a call or send a text message, my call signal completely drops out. Sometimes the signal eventually returns so the call or message goes through, sometimes it doesn't return on time and the call/message fails. This happens at locations (home, school etc.) where my phone has always functioned perfectly in the past (prior to this last week). I tried updating my sattelite programming (dialing #228), but this did not help.  What is going on here? Nothing has happened to my phone (no damage) and I have not changed locations, but all of a sudden I'm having these terrible issues with signal.  Please help me understand this issue (my zip code is 91711 in case this is relevant) .


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          Hi aroyal641. I'm happy to hear you've had such a wonderful few years with your LG phone. I checked for any reports of network issues in 91711 and it looks like a great area. Dialing *228 and choosing option 2 is a good update to your phone about once a month to keep the roaming information up to date. Have you tried rebooting the phone by pulling out the battery for a few seconds? Have you spoke with any other Verizon customers at home or school that are having trouble too? I know it's been a great run, but we may also need to start considering replacement vzw.com/phones options.

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