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    this phone is ****


      I'm on my fourth razr in 3 months...the problem that im haven it gets hot just talkn on it and also while it's sit'n in my pocket.   I wish I would've bought this phone.

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          Sometime a neat Looking Phone.!  Isn't all that's cracked to be.. Have you tried a Bluetooth Headset  give one a Try and put your Phone in a Leather Pouch that's What i carry my Maxx in.  there's is enough Room to Let it Breath and it's protected as Well..


          Universal Leather Pouch

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Hello Tsuever!

            Oh my!  I want you to love your phone and everything about it!  I will be more than happy to provide some suggestions so you can start enjoying your phone.

            Heat issues are extremely important to fix.  It is normal for electronics to experience warmth when in use, but it should never be "hot". I would like to provide some recommendations:

            - Ensure your screen time out is set to anything less than 1 minute
            - Please turn off GPS/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi when not in use
            - Turn Display Power Saver on and reduce the brightness of your screen

            Please put these practices into use and keep us updated!


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              Did all that except the bluetooth and leather pouch and still no luck. Phone is just ****

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                You might have some Apps running in the Background as your Talking if you have I.C.S on you Razr Take your finger and put it on the Home button till you have a Vertical Column.. And when you see this take your Finger and swipe them to Right or Left till there all Gone and see if this help because there may be one or Two or all of them running in the Back Ground causing the Battery to Warm. And Try this App System Panel App it will Let you know as What your Apps all of them are Doing and what the Temps of your Phone you can get this Great app for Free or for $2.99 and it well worth the Money...



                Here is some screen shots of Panel



                001 S.S system panel.jpg



                002 S.S. system panel.jpg



                003 S.S. system panel.jpg



                004 S.S. system panel.jpg

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                  Any other idea's...still getting hot just sitting there and battery life still sucks.

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                    It's Hard say being that i'm not there to look at the Device and Trouble shoot it.. hands are kind of tide..

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                      Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                      I definitely have some other recommendations Tsuever!

                      Please try putting your phone in safe mode and running/testing it.  Here are the instructions for safe mode: http://support.verizonwireless.com/clc/devices/knowledge_base.html?id=66528

                      Safe mode disables all 3rd party applications. Use the phone normally (browser, text, calls) for a period of time and see if the phone still gets hot.

                      When do you notice the phone starts producing this heat? Can you please describe your usage to me?

                      How long does the battery last?

                      Please advise results so we can fix this together!


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                        If the procedure that Mel suggested does not Work then i would Suggest maybe Doing a System Cache Clear or Do a Factory Reset.. Let me know if what Mel suggested or if what i suggested Helped or Not Maybe we can get a Solution for Ya.. b33

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                          The phone will just be sitting there and start producing heat.  My usage consist of texting, little talking, facebook, weather, bank account, and  time2hunt.  Battery will last about 4-5 hours...just not ideal for a phone.

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