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    pending order status


      My wife ordered the iphone 5.  It arrived and was able to activate the account and is using the phone just fine.  But when she tries to log onto verizonwireless.com to change her data plan from 300 mb to 1 gb, she can't cause it has an 'pending order' status.  But in the icon, the iphone 5 is already active.  She called 611 twice and they see the phone being active but why is the website telling her different?  How can she fix this problem.  She might go over her data allowance. 

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          Could be in the way the website updates vs the actual system (sometimes they aren't the same from my experience).  Great thing about Verizon, is you can make your plan effective next or last billing cycles :-)  We've done  it twice in very long history with VZW.  It will be easy once things are cleared in the system.  A phone call will be easier (my suggestion).  Good luck!!

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Hi there Libobdog!

            I'm super excited for your wives new iPhone 5! It sounds like she's loving it!  I don't love overage though and I definitely want you to avoid it.

            The website may consider the activation of the new iPhone 5 as something that won't allow the backdating of a higher plan.  I would be delighted to check it out for you though!

            Send me a direct message with her phone number and I will check it out for you guys.


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              How do I send a direct message if I get the ! in sender message? 

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                We probably should have provided you with that information, libob! I apologize. Double click on my name and then follow me! Once this is completed you will be able to send me a direct message(DM). Provide me with a contact number in your DM and I will call you! I look forward to speaking with you.


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