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    contract end date?


      How do I find out my contract end date.We have a family plan with 3 phones on it. Is there one end date or will each phone have an end date?

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          Each phone has their own contract and contract end date. You can view your contract information on the account owner's MyVerizon account online.

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            So here's a semi-on-topic question.  They keep saying in the news is that Verizon will force you to pay full price when upgrading a device, if you're on an old 'unlimited data' plan and want to keep it (as an alternative to switching to the new 'share everything' plan).  BUT, I just upgraded my phone to Galaxy Stellar a couple weeks ago, and it was free, and yet I still retained my unlimited plan; it just extended the "upgrade availability" date to two years from now (as expected).  Which AFAIK means my contract just got renewed for 2 more years on the old/unlimited plan AND I got the new phone at the discounted price.  So my question is, did the sales person mess up (shhhh, don't tell anyone!! :-)), or is all that info in the news wrong/misrepresenting the facts, i.e. if you have the old plan you CAN upgrade like with any other plan, when the time comes, and not be forced to pay in full (OR go with the 'share everything' plan)?

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              The news is correct. If you get a free or subsidized phone, you lose your unlimited data plan. Too bad ya posted what happened to you on a VZW site, ya may get caught up in an account audit. J/K


              Have you looked at your plan online to be sure you still have unlimited data?

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                Thanks for the reply!


                Weird...  Oh well.  Got lucky I guess?


                Yes looks like it's (still) unlimited...  Unless, that is, the Verizon website is messing thing up as well... :-)




                My Voice Plan


                NATIONWIDE TLK&TXT SHARE 1400                    $149.95/mo



                • Monthly Account Access Charge
                • Monthly Line Access Charge for 5 lines
                • 1400 Shared Monthly Allowance Minutes
                • Per Minute Rate After Allowance: $0.40/min.  Peak ,  $0.40/min.  Off-Peak

                Sharing With:

                • xxx-xxx-xxxx
                • xxx-xxx-xxxx
                • xxx-xxx-xxxx
                • xxx-xxx-xxxx


                My Messaging Plan



                Plan Includes:

                • Unlimited monthly messages
                • Monthly access charge included


                Sharing With:

                • xxx-xxx-xxxx
                • xxx-xxx-xxxx
                • xxx-xxx-xxxx
                • xxx-xxx-xxxx


                My Data Plan

                Unlimited Data$29.99/mo
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                  Awesome! ...

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                    I thought I knew my date which is 11/26/2012. I have been with Verizon for 12 yrs. I talked to 3 different reps and got 3 different answers. 1. You are a long standing customer I will let you upgrade today and purchase the new phone for $49.99 2. It looks like your contract ends on Nov 26,2012 BUT.... it really doesn't end until March 2013 because Verizon gives their customers 4 months to think about renewing their contract So you have to pay full price for the phone. 3. Yes your contract is up Nov 26th but because your payment was late last month you have to pay full price!!! (R U Serious right NOW) It was late because Verizon misapplied my payment from someone's acct! Read my comment from Sept 19,2012. Here is

                    something I copied from an article regarding Fox news mishap with televising a suicide on Fri. Something as serious as suicide prompted this reaction for Several Verizon customers 17 Thumbs up 1 thumbs down! If it is here How many other places is Verizon getting HORRIBLE P.R?? Verizon this is not random it is all the time for years. You are no longer scaring people away with your ENORMOUS disconnection fee. Because in the end we are better for it. We either pay today or pay continuously and get no understand or get treated like **** by financial services. There are other carriers we can go to. All we as customers continue to get is Sorry, So Sorry but pay your bill or we are disconnecting your service and now you owe late fees and disconnection fees and reconnection fees Shall I say 5.00 late fee 15.00 disconnection fee 15.00 reconnection fee! At least I see I am not alone or unjustified! I can admit when I am wrong Why can't Verizon???


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                    He must have became frustrated after trying to reach a Verizon Wireless customer service rep.
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                    he is not alone on that one...........
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                      Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                      Hi sunnystone~ Ann154 is correct. When you log into www.vzw.com/signin as the Account Owner, select "Plan" from the I Want To section and then you can select "View Contract End Date" in addition to your upgrade date for any of your lines. Each line is unique and will have it's own Contract and Upgrade information based on the last time that line took advantage of a promotion.

                      Thank you

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                        I just switched my phone number to another carrier, about 2 weeks prior to my contract end date.  I got charged a $60 termination fee.  I did not ask Verizon to cancel my account, and I was quite willing to continue paying all service charges and fees through the end of the contract.  A reasonable person would say that I had not cancelled my account.  But, I looked deep into the service agreement, and it says that porting your number to another carrier is considered a termination.

                        What should I have done?  I was afraid to wait till after the contract end date, for fear I would lose all rights to my phone number.  Someone said earlier in this thread that VZ keeps you on contract for another 4 months, but that is news to me; it is nowhere disclosed in my bill or in the service agreement.

                        So, as I see it, VZ has the legal right to charge me a termination fee, but by doing so has identified itself as a sleazy outfit, given to misdirection.  Henceforth I shall call it the Evil Empire, and turn a deaf ear to my spouse's suggestions to sign up for FIOS.

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                          When you port your number to another carrier then your contract is automatically canceled during the process. You don't have worry about losing your rights to your phone number after the contract is completed. My contract has been completed for almost six months and I could port out at any time without penalty.

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