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    Activation Fees


      I am a new Verizon customer who is still within the 14 day return period. When signing up for the service I was very upfront and firm that I "do not pay activation fees" The rep told me not to worry, just set up my employee discount after my service starts and the fees will automatically drop as they are waived for discounted members. I just found out what a load of bull that was as Verizon has refused to waive the fees. I had them send me return shipping labels and am cancelling the service. I was told I would be charged a restocking fee, but no way in **** I am paying it. I know some of you will say all companies charge this fee, somewhat true.. but I have always managed to get them waived, usually companies will do about anything to get you to buy a new phone because that means you are going to be with them a while. I have had cell phone service continually since 1998 and have yet to pay a single activation fee, and not about to start now,


          I know this may seem petty to some of you but its a matter of principal for me. Verizon has lied to me and now refuses to work with me. This is not the kind of company I will be happy paying money to each month. Also I have 3 lines on my plan so the charge is $105.00. If everyone stuck to their guns and refused to pay these unnecessary fees then companies would be forced to stop charging them.    

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          You cannot have your cake and eat it too. All Companies charge for an activation fee no matter where you go. It is the way companies Like Verizon work etc. However good quality comes with sacrafices. Complaining about it is not going to work. Fees and surcharges are regulated. The FCC regulates fees and surcharges and Verizon Wireless is governed by the FCC. The FCC is the ones you should take your greivances to.

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            Oh please, the FCC is not the one charging me an activation fee. Verizon sure has its fanboys,

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              Geeka zoidtech

              Activation Fees are just that , Activation fees. Wireless companies charge for activation of their services. Think of it this way. take your car, Computer, or other household item to a repair person....they charge you for parts etc and they charge you for their time. Are you going to dispute their charges every time? I would think you would be blacklisted from that business. And as far as me being a fanboy, I am not even a Verizon Customer. I was merely saying the FCC regulates fee just like state and local entities. Activation fees are specific to each wireless customer and they have policies for not waiving their fees. I feel you are just spoiled and want everything for free. It is people like you who make me sick. Crying over every little penny until you get your own way. Like it or not surcharges and fees are out there it is the nature of the beast to have a service. Your local Electric company charges fees I am sure. Check into it and see if they will let you have a waived fee...I think not!

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                "I have had cell phone service continually since 1998 and have yet to pay a single activation fee, and not about to start now"


                OK. It sounds like you don't have an issue then. Not sure why you're posting here, as this is basically a peer to peer message board.


                Verizon charges activation fees, which you won't pay, so you'll either have to start using walkie-talkies, a couple of cans and a piece of string, or try using another phone service. Of course, their salespeople may tell you "no activation fees," just to get you to sign up for service, but you can always post on their board how haven't paid activation fees since '98, right before you drop that service too.


                Good luck with that walkie-talkie.

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                  ATT , Sprint, USCC, TM, Alltel,...... all have activation fees when starting a new account. If within your 14 days, take the phone back and you will get your acitvation fee back, but will pay a $35 Re-Stocking fee.