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    iphone 5  data usage.


      i got the phone sep 21st with 1G data plan. On 24th sep, i recieved a text that i has used data over the 50%.!!!!

      I use WIFI at home and school. It can not make sense. During 3days, I spent 0.7G.....?!

      So I asked verizon at store and they said "i just used so much....be careful of downloading app, streamong video......."  In fact, I do that with WIFI !!.

      Also, I checked my data usage by on line, and I found something odd. I used data at 3am while i was sleeping.

      Even though that was even little amount of data, it was so strange ( Since 24th night aroung 10pm, I turn off LTE.....).

      I sent email to Verison and they havn't replied me....... also I turn off cellular data when the phone is available with wifi... just in case,

      Is it only my problem????

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          I just got a similar message from my phone. I upgraded to the 5 and have never used more then 1 GB of data in a month. Now after having this phone I have used 2 GB in 6 days. I called and they asked about settings and how I downloaded and what apps I kept on. I use wifi most the time but I kept telling them that how I use the phone has not changed at all. I also saw that my largest usage was while I was in a meeting in the office. Not only was my phone on wifi but I wasn't using it. There is just no possible way I have used more data in 6 days then I usually use in 2 months. Something is screwy and I think there will be more people realizing there is a problem with iphone5 and Verizon. Oh also when I added up the usage myself it didn't add up anywhere near the 2 GB it is showing on my total usage.

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            I got the phone yesterday and used 80% of my data allowance in a few hours... and when I look at the data allotment on my verizon its all ******* up giving me wrong values and such... there is a serious problem here...


            Edit* I was connected to wifi the ENTIRE time by the way.

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              I'm seeing a disparity between the cellular data usage being reported by iOS and the data usage reported by MyVerizon. iOS is showing my current cellular data usage as 215.4MB, while MyVerizon is only showing 102.4MB, leaving me with a delta of 113MB. A coworker advised me that the difference was attributable to iOS reporting in real time and the Verizon data being about 24hrs behind. However even when taking this into account, comparing today's Verizon amount to yesterday's iOS amount, I'm still left with a disparity. iOS was reporting 162MB yesterday which is 60.3MB more than Verizon is reporting today. Another oddity is that iOS has begun reporting tethered data usage even though I've never used my iPhone as a hot spot. Verizon is not showing any tethered data usage. Any ideas, a bug in iOS?


              I posted this previously on the Apple support forum


              I spoke with Apple this afternoon. The rep originally suggested that the discrepancy might be due to the way Verizon estimates data usage. I admitted it was a possibility but that I thought it unlikely as there was still a sizable discrepancy even when comparing today's total data usage according to Verizon against yesterday's total according to iOS. He  became more interested once I told him that iOS had just begun reporting tethered data usage even though I've never used this iPhone, or any other cell phone, as a hotspot. He then placed me on hold while he spoke to a higher level tech. When he got back on the line he informed me that there had been a few other reports of data discrepancies and that Apple engineers were already checking to see if there was a problem on their end. He added that the issue seems to be affecting mostly Verizon phones.

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                Glad to find others with similar problems. My data usage was like 0.2G until last night when I all of a sudden received a message that I used 90% of the data, and a minute later I received a message that said I went above my allowance. This morning I check my data usage and it says I have used 4 G of data. It is hard to believe I used 4G of data over night. I contacted Verizon by e-mail, waiting for their answer now. Similar to Christy892, I also added up my usage myself using Excel, and it is not even close to 4G.


                I agree that something is screwy, and I hope Verizon will pay attention to this and deal with it properly.

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                  I'm having the same issue.  VZW says I've used 1 Gb since Friday, and that's just not possible.  Or, if it is, it's not something I'm doing, and iOS is downloading a lot of something in the background when I'm not looking.  My phone is connected to wifi probably 99% of the time (home, school, work).  Just about the only time it's not on wifi is when I'm in the car driving, and I'm definitely not actively downloading 1Gb worth of data while I'm driving.  So now I've reached my monthly limit in 5 days -- which seems very suspect to me.  I assume VZW will start charging me for overage in the next few minutes.

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                    I'm having the same problem with my iphone 5. My iphone is draining data while connected to my wifi at home and work. i racked up almost 2gb in three days!! Can someone help me out?

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                      I have Iphone 5 too and my data is going to fast and i haven't really used it. Just tested a couple things and the rest of the time i'm on Wifi......had other smartphones before that i used all month and would only use 1.5GB during the month. Only used it five days and i've almost used 1GB already. Somethings not right.

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                        When the screen of the phone is turned off the wifi radio will go to sleep.  This will cause the cellular data to become active again.  The best way to prevent this is to turn off your cellular data connection when you plan to be connected to a wifi network for an extended period of time.

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                          Everyone do you know that the first month isent your full allowance. It might say that you have the full month but you don't. Thats why it might say you have used 50% but that's 50% of the prorated allowance if you are a new customer or you had to switch plans.

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