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    Verizon Workshps for iPhone 5


      When and where are the Verizon iPhone5 workshops?

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          Are those the ones our new $30 upgrade fee are to provide?  My local store just posted an Oct. workshop for the 4s.

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            Those GD $30 upgrade fees are RIDICULOUS!!!! The gal in the store told me it is because of how much work the reps put in to each phone sale (activating the phone and helping you get set up) - when my husband switched to a smartphone a month or two ago, we definitely got our $30 worth as he sat in store and worked with them for an hour learning how to use it.

            BUT - I still had to pay the fee for my iPhone preorder, and I activated and set up the phone in my living room! Highway robbery.


            As far as the workshops - you must contact your local store and they will have a schedule. I believe each store is different. HTH!

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              I agree with the fees. Ridiculous. if VZW says the fee is due to maintaining the customer service experience at a high level and all I believe the fee should be waived for any order placed / phone activation online since we don't interact with service when doing this, other than when they quote wrong ship/delivery dates or some error on their end. Charge the $30 to those people who go in store or have to deal with a real person. Just like the DMV in my state.....they offer the incentive of doing online transactions and a few $$ is waived whereas I would incur a minor additional fee for an in store transaction. 

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                That $30 is the lowest out of all companies. There real reason would be they can do it and they are. Supossable if you talk over the phone they say its to maintain the towers. Verizon would rather have you pay full retail instead of you waiting. I know the iPhone on Verizon has had a rule no early early upgrade.

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                  You can find out when and where your local workshops are through this link.



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                    VRW is asleep at the wheel.  No workshops are offered for the iPhone 5 either online or at the local stores.  They are not supporting their customer base...perhaps they just dont care!!  I hope that answers your question.

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                      Nope this link does not list ANY for the iPhone 5

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                        I found this one when checking one zip code I know.  There aren't that many differences between the iPhone 45 and iPhone 5.


                        vzw workshops.PNG

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                          If I'm not mistaken, Apple JUST started offering workshops for the iPhone 5 and even those are limited. The phone has just been out for a week...it's a little early to start claiming VZW doesn't care about the customer base because they don't have workshops immediately available. Besides, wouldn't you prefer that the workshops be ran by someone who has been sufficiently trained to lead a workshop? Since to the best of my knowledge, VZW reps didn't get their hands on the device in advance so the training probably wasn't provided in advance. Contact you local store and inquire about when they think they will be able to start offering workshops. If they tell you they have no intent on doing so THEN you say they don't care. Otherwise, be patient. I know...patience seems to be something a lot of people no longer posses, but it's still a great thing to actually have.

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