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    Transfer Backup Assistant to another phone


      Backup assistant can apparently only be on one phone on a plan at a time. HOW can I transfer it to another phone?? I've searched everywhere and cannot find the answer. Someone please help!

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          Backup Assistant can be on every phone on your plan; however, each phone needs its own log-in user name and password.  Are you then wanting to transfer info. from a phone to a new phone (same line), or from one phone on your plan to another phone on your plan (different lines)?

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Hello to you BethanyPG,

            Backup Assistant is a great application to have and I want you to have it anywhere you want it!

            Backup Assistant is tied to a mobile number. If you get a new phone and activate that phone to your phone number and run Backup Assistant then it will pull your profile to your new phone.

            If you want the same contacts on two different numbers that gets a little sticky, but it's possible.  You activate that phone on your phone number temporarily and run Backup Assistant to pull your contacts and then reactivate it to the other number.  I would then delete the Backup Assistant and run it again to create a new profile for that phone number so it can back up as well.

            Keep us posted on what you were looking to do!


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