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    galaxy s3 power buttons don't work balck screen, verizon won't help


      My galaxy s3 has suddenly stopped working. At day 36, no less.  6 days after return date.  Black screen, power buttons do NOT WORK at all must take battery out to start phone.  Happens constantly on idle. Each battery removal counts as a reboot, no new apps had been added for 8 days plus, did 2 hard resets on my own, best buy did another hard reset (lost all data-f'ing losers!) Verizon store did a hard reset, problem has not stopped happening.  VERIZON HAS SUCH AN AMATEURISH SUPPORT SYSTEM that they do nit keep track of service calls. So each time I go into the store, the dork behind the counter pretends that this problem is happening for the first time.  Ridiculous when I am paying $200 a month for a paperweight.


      The dorks at both stores say I have to use an insurance claim. But this clearly is a case of manufacturing defects. I am at wit's end.  Battery has been out of this phone 40+ times in 4 days and all of my meetings for the next two weeks were on my calendar.  THIS IS THE MOST UNRELIABLE PHONE I HAVE EVER OWNED, INCUDING PREPAID CHEAPOS.  Has your s3 ever doe his great litle trick for you?  What do you have to do to get verizon to BACK THEIR PRODUCT?

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Good evening,

          The power button functioning properly is a hugly important part of the device and you definitely shouldn't have to remove/reinsert the battery just to use your phone! I am truly sorry you're experiencing this issue in the first place.

          Thank you so much for all the troubleshooting you've already completed. I'm unsure of the reason that we would suggest an insurance claim other than possible physical or liquid damage.

          If the power button is malfunctioning we would absolutely back up your phone and send out a warranty replacement.  However if there's any signs of physical damage and we replaced the phone you could be charged $299 when an insurance claim would only be $99.

          Physical damage would include but not be limited to:

          Liquid Damage
          Cracks or Breaks in the screen or casing
          Corrosion in the ports or battery area (green or white flakey dust, like a car battery)
          Unreasonable wear and tear such as deep gouges

          If your phone is in excellent condition I see no reason we wouldn't be able to replace it. If this is the case, please send me a private message with your phone number, contact number and the best time to call.

          If there is damage and you have insurance you can contact Asurion by dialing 888-881-2622 or visiting www.phoneclaim.com.

          I hope this information helps out!


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            THE SAME exact thing has JUST happened to MY Galaxy 3s! I have only owned it for a month or so. Just used it for the last time yesterday with a phone call. Once I ended my call the phone went 'black' screen, became unresponsive, won't turn on or off by pressing the power button, plug it in to charge and get NO response. Nothing. Even after "charging" all night...nothing. The phone is dead except the bottom choices are still glowing l.e.d. The "back arrow" on the right bottom and the "page up" on the left bottom are lit up but the screen is black and no buttons work. I am taking it to Verizon today.

            Something is definitely wrong and I am not going to play battery games with it. Very unhappy with Samsung right now.

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              I've been having the same issue with the four replacement phones that they have sent me and will not send me a comparable phone that meets my needs. Verizon is not making customers happy with there dumb replacements phones that dont compare to each other.

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                My GS3 did this once not long after I got it and I had to remove and reinstall the battery.  I pre-ordered so this was a few months ago.  Installed Chrome and quit using the stock browser.  It never happened again.  I believe the root cause (or at least one cause, there may be more) is some combination of apps/software.  To my limited way of thinking 4 phones with the same problem is most likely a software conflict and not hardware except if you are using the same SIM and SDcard over and over in all 4 phones.  That could be the common denominator.  Have you tried a factory reset, new SIM, no SDcard, and using the phone stock, except for the browser - use Chrome, for a few days to see if the problem goes away?

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                  Same thing happened to me a couple of times too, second week I had the phone. Screen went black, power button did nothing. Initially I thought maybe the battery had run down, but I had just recently charged it. Even plugged it into the charger - nothing but black screen, power button did nothing. I finally popped the battery out then put it back in – thank goodness this worked.

                  Scared me enough that I went back yesterday before my 30 days was up and added the $6.99/mo insurance to my plan. Pretty sad that Verizon puts you over a barrel like this and you can’t even count on purchasing a good product. Even with the insurance, if the phone dies you have to pay another $100 to get a replacement.

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                    Replacement didn't seem to work.  I had the same problem occur on my SIII within a month of purchase - generally .  Verizon gave me a replacement under warranty.  same thing happened even more frequently within 1 week of receiving replacement.  Called  Tech Support - no help but did uninstall Facebook.  Have not had any blackouts since.  I HAVE NO IDEA as whether facebook has anything to do with blackouts on SIII because I still expect one to happen anytime.  Definitely not a highly reliable phone if it blacks out unexpectedly.  In reviewing ATT and T-mobile Websites I did not see this as an issue.  Have to expect this is a Verizon Issue not necessarily a Samsung issue.

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                      Galaxy S III

                      My screen went black again a couple of days ago (has happened 7 or 8 times since I got the phone). Had it in my hand, the screen went black. I was about to pop the back off to take out the battery, but before I could it suddenly rebooted itself and went through the typical power up process. This is a persistent problem - seems to be happening one every 7-10 days.


                      Guess I could try uninstalling Facebook (it is quirky on this phone - strange issues I never had with my old phone), but Facebook is an app I use regularly and I would ultimately reinstall it anyway. This is not an inexpensive smart phone - I don't think expecting Facebook to work on it is expecting too much.


                      I'm hoping there is a different explanation....

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                        My brand new S3 is doing the same thing. It has not been dropped or damaged at all. Bought it in late November 2012 and it won't even turn on. Black screen, keys will not work, and it will not ring when called. I paid a lot for this phone and it's 1 month old and doesn't work.... frustrating. Verizon needs to replace these phones free of charge if they have not been damaged and just stopped working. That would be the only right thing to do.

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                          There is a one year warranty on all phones Verizon sells for manufacturer defects.

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