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    "No SIM"?


      Has anyone else had this issue? My iPhone 5 will randomly switch back and forth between "No SIM" and having service. Sometimes it stays on No SIM for a few minutes before getting service, other times longer. Resetting the phone, popping the SIM card in and out and combinations of the two do not work. I went in to a Verizon store and got a new SIM and that seems to have worked for now. If not, it'll be off to an Apple store for me.

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          How Long are you leaving the Sim out.?  and when you handled the Sim Card did you hold it by it's Edges.. 

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            Had the similar issue with my i5, right out of the box,  screen showed  NO SIM CARD, after several network resets the fix ended up; new SIM card.  Has worked flawlessly since then. 

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              yes I had that problem yesterday ironicaly while I was in the Verizon store! They reset the network and I have not had problems since

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                Same problem with mine -- shows no Sim. Rebooted once and it worked and it is doing it again. Tried hard reboot and get a "no Sim card" notice so have it on wifi for now.

                Where is the sim card located?


                Should I just take it to the Verizon store first or go straight to the Apple store?



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                  When facing the screen the SIM card is located on the right-hand side.  I'd take it to the Verizon store its their sim.

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                    Thank you, 5Point!


                    I did a HARD reboot holding down the on/off and front button and that helped it for now and LTE is back -- the first time I just held the on/off switch and that worked.


                    Since this is the second time it happened, I will make an appointment at the Genius Bar anyhow to have it looked at.

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                      still having no sim issue and network reset doesn't fix it anymore called VZW and they could not help so they made me an appt. with apple gienuss (sp?) bar this afternoon

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                        Had this just happen to me.

                        Had made a call this morning just fine. When to call again and was getting the NO SIM error.

                        power off/on, hard reset, reset network settings, none had any effect.

                        Finally worked when I powered off, popped out SIM, waited a minute, put it back in and turned phone back on.

                        It seems to be working okay for now - did report it to VZW customer service though when I called about another issue.

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                          went to apple, the guy at the genius bar said they have seen a few issues where people set up their phones from an ip4 or 4s backup through iTunes, an apparent software glitch, so he reset mine to factory and I manually reloaded everything back on, so far it is working, he made a note and said if it happened again they would replace it. They did have one last lighting to usb cable left which I bought!

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