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    Have data plan for iPad3 - can I add new, first iPhone, first cell phone, to same plan?


      I already have an unlimited data plan I setup this year for my iPad3. Can I just purchase an iPhone 5 from Apple and simply add that device to my existing Verizon Wireless account and share the data plan with my iPad? And still be able to sync my settings of iPad with the iPhone. I think I saw somewhere that you can have up to 10 devices on one account, and just pay a little more each month for the additional devices. Anyone know about this? This is my first ever cell phone and the first time I will be changing my land line with Verizon to a cellular line. That land line is a business number, but I want my cellular to be non-business. My current land line is part of a FIOS Business bundle of phone, internet and TV. Thanks for advice and tips.