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    Wrong number on activation new iphone 5


      So my dad had two phones. one of witch he doesn't use anymore and was available for an upgrade so i used it to purchase the iphone 5. it came in the mail today and we were told by a Verizon rep last week NOT to turn it on when we got it. To call first and get the lines switched. We did so, my mom told the guy on the phone the whole story and he said no problem, got the lines switched and gave us the green light to turn it on and activate it. We then hung up and i made sure my old Droid 2 didn't work no more. I made a call and it said verizon # was disconnected, perfect, i was then sure the lines had been switched. So i turn on my iphone 5 to see a screen that says please confirm this number for activation....it was still my dad's old number and not my number. I checked on My Verizon account and it says MY number is attached to the iphone 5 NOT my dad's yet the iphone still says its my dads number for confirmation. So my old phone is disconnected, and the new iphone is still trying to hook up to my dad's old number. What should i do here?! I haven't done  anything as of now. I just powered the device down for now. HELP ME!!!!

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