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    Grandfathered unlimited data + mobile hotspot + iPhone 5


      I have an unlimited data plan that I currently use with my Razr Maxx. I paid full retail for an iPhone 5 that should arrive today.  I plan to replace the Razr Maxx with the iPhone 5, and I want to use mobile hotspot / wifi tether on the new iPhone.  How do I do this?


      When I click on "change features" under My Verizon, there's an option that looks like this [italics mine]:


      Data Hotspot Packages

      Choose only one of the following features:



      4G Mobile Hotspot



      Use your Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Smartphone to get online access and share your data allowance with multiple Wi-Fi-enable devices.
      Tell me more


      (15.0% off)



      Do I just click on this?  And do I add this before or after I activate the iPhone?  Right now I do wifi tether using FoxFi, but my understanding is that the only native wifi tether / mobile hotspot option for a Verizon iPhone 5 is by activating the feature through Verizon.  Please help.  Thanks.

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          i would wait till i got the phone to add it

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            Thanks for the response. Do you know whether the 4G Mobile Hotspot feature will draw from my unlimited data allowance, or from some other limit?


            I asked this question to a guy in a Verizon "authorized retailer" store, and he spouted a bunch of contradictory nonsense. Hoping I can get an accurate, substantiated answer here.

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              It will not draw from your unlimited pool. The mobile hotspot has it's own data plan.

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                There is nothing "illegal" about tethering using FoxFi. Frankly, it's be deemed not legal for Verizon to not allow for tethering LTE by the FCC as explained here. Though Verizon has circumvented this by dumping every unlimited data plan, and now of course EVERY data plan "includes" free tethering. This is why there is such a huge push to get everyone off the unlimited plans, despite what employees have been told to say. The sell is, "it's cheaper, you can have a lot more devices (aka more devices to bump you over your new 2GB limit), most people don't use more than x amount of data a month, etc." What they overlook, is that A. at 3G speeds, it's **** near impossible to use 2GB a month because I don't personally know anyone that patient. But with your new LTE 2GB plan, a SINGLE HD Netflix movie will put you over your monthly limit-aka cha-ching-overage charges. If you're concerned that they'll "throttle", or slow down your connection if you abuse it, that is also NOT the case, as explained HERE. Verizon also likes to claim that limiting data is a way they can insure that everyone gets fair use of the bandwidth, which is a flat out lie.


                It's all about overages. If it were about simply fairly dividing bandwidth, and making it cheaper for those that typically use less, you wouldn't have to chose a plan ahead of time, you'd just pay for whatever you use. If you seriously believe that a minute/data plan that has the potential for massive overages is in an effort to help the customer, you're an *****.


                I wouldn't go crazy and share out your LTE everywhere you go, but I'd use it while you can. I'm certain they'll be getting rid of unlimited data one way or another, and blame those that "abuse" it-aka more than 2GB a month. You signed a contract that said it's ok for Verizon to do whatever, whenever, to whomever, and were told it's to benefit you. Free tethering might be a violation of your terms of service, but there's nothing illegal about it.


                The problem here, is Apple. They pull apps from the app store that get around the wifi tethering blockade. And with no side loading of apps like with Android, you'll probably have to wait for a stable jailbreak of iOS 6 to get something like MiWi from Cydia. The current status of jailbreaking looks promising.

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                  Back to the orignial post, i had an Android phone for 2.5 years with unlimited data, but was forced to tiered data when i got the iPhone 5. and i don't see hotpot as any feature to add, like the last post.

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                    You were probably forced to tiered data because you purchased a subsidized iPhone 5.  I paid full price for my iPhone 5, and I was able to retain unlimited data.

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                      $30 hotspot = UNLIMITED usage. It is only available if you currently have the unlimited data plan on a 4G handset.

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                        I toally agree with you in regards to usage.

                        Verizon in the past has been warned, fined, brought to court by the feds and private citizens too many times to count - all because of violation of FCC rules or deceptive billing practices, overcgarging its customers. Even its own employees filed numerous class action lawsuits against Verizon for unethical treatment of its employees and uncompensated labors.

                        Now, most people that use a smartphone typically has a pattern of use, for example, some like to stream music and some just don't. Everyone has a clear idea about how much data they would use per month and they choose a data plan accordingly. All good, right? NO. What you can't control is "GHOST USAGE". Yes, customers increasingly complain about going over their allowance with no explanation for data usage at early mornings, even when a device is turned off. Some have reported unaccounted usage causing hundreds of dollars worth of overage.

                        Minutes overage? You can ask for call list and you can compare the usage.

                        Data overage? It's their word and that's final. They can't / won't show details of the usage and still you are obligated to pay.

                        It seems like the switch to tiered data is NOT for the benefit of the customers, but instead it is an ILLEGAL revenue stream for Verizon by overcharging the customers with fabricated data usage.

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                          How were you able to keep your unlimited data? I had a 4G handset with unlimited data, and ordered an i phone 5 at full retail price how to I do what you did? Can you email me how you did it at <Email address removed per the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service.>

                          please I desperately need help.


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