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      To any Verizon employees that might see this,


      The reason I chose Verizon is because your network is mildly better then any other in my city. But why am I going to stay with you for mildly better when I cant get a simple update. I got the Galaxy Nexus because I wanted to experience a true android operating system that received it's updates from google. Now the jellybean update was released in July and here it is September and nothing. Even Sprint is rolling out the update. I've called and get nothing I go into the stores and I'm told any day now. I've been told anyday now since the first week of August. Now I could understand staying with you if your service was many times better then then your competitors but I live in Philadelphia. All major wireless companies have 4g that cover Philly and the surrounding areas. Your plans are more expensive and now I have to deal with this type of delay. What reason do I have to stay with you? I can go to sprint, T-mobile, AT&T. **** even Metro has OK 4g in my area. What is the holdup for the update. This is a stock phone without any overlays. Why no update.