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    iPhone 5 Car Charger


      With Apple's new lightning connector, has anyone seen a corded car charger that is not through a universal USB (2.1amp)?

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          Having stared at the screen for hours, restored more than 100 apps and downloaded several photo albums, the iPhone 5's battery says no. I reach for my old cord and think again: the new iPhone has a new connection.

          This becomes more frustrating with each charge. Where did I leave that one white cord, different to all the other white cords?


          Yet more problems arise when mobile. No one else has an eight-pin Lightning adaptor for me to borrow. I become a battery scrooge to keep to the phone alive. The smaller connection paved the way for a more slender phone and Apple says the pain of adapting will subside. This transitional period is bound to be awkward and frustrating, though.

          Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2012/09/19/verdict-on-apple-iphone-5/#ixzz26yB2X3KM


          Ha ha just found this too..