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        Its sad this wasn't tested really good  before this firmware went out in first place. Or the vendor were morons. i'm giving them till January or i am demanding to get out of my contract.


        HF is great if this gets resolved but they can't expect us pay top dollar/month for low quality service for so long.

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          The HF system doesn't detect and/or correct communication errors


          I needed to upgrade a piece of software on my Windows system. So I downloaded it (645 MB) using HF, expecting it to fail. It failed. The checksum on the downloaded software was incorrect, making it impossible to install. So then I tried downloading it using my XOOM tablet (at the same location as my HF) directly via 4G (without using HF), expecting it to work. It worked. The checksum on the software was correct, and I was able to transfer the downloaded software from my XOOM to my PC and install it successfully. The HF system doesn't detect and/or correct communication errors.


          This is probably what causes our HF systems to periodically fail. Since the HF regularly (every minute or two) checks that we are authorized users of the device, if there is an undetected communication failure during the authentication process, the device thinks we are no longer authorized and shuts down. A reboot of the cantenna restarts the authentication process (and likely cleans up whatever firmware bug is allowing incorrect communications to be accepted as correct), and everything goes back to "normal".


          If communication errors were properly detected, downloads would never be incorrect, and very likely, our HF systems wouldn't regularly shutdown.

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            If your right and it is what you say, whats that say about how fast there really trying to fix this ? i mean this been going on for while and no eta or even if the vendor is testing or fixing this lol. I think verizon needs get a new manufacturer for HF.



            A bug this huge should done been fixed, period.

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              I have had the service for about two weeks. I see 10 disconnects in the system log. It has disconnected twice today. It usually reconnects on its own in 5-15 minutes without a reboot. Is there anyway to determine if it is an antenna or network issue? The antenna always shows 2 or 3 bars. I work from home and rely on a constant internet connection. It scares me to read that some users are down for days. If HF is not reliable, I will need to return to HughesNet which I have despised for 9 years.

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                It's a august firmware caused this we all know that so no its not the antenna or router. call in and ask for credit and i am sure this get fixed sooner if you know what i mean. i got $60.00 one, and gonna ask for one every month till fixed.

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                  I've had the same problem. Replaced the Cantenna and router with no improvement. Purchased the home protection plan which is a joke. They can replace the equipment and that's all they know. No signal strength meters, no technical skills.

                  Mine fails two different ways. First it will randomly drop connection with a blinking yellow 4G light for 30 seconds to 2 minutes several times a day. But if it drops for more than 2-3 minutes, it will not come back on it's own and power cycling the antenna (or rebooting from the Admin utility) fixes it. After numerous calls to tech support, Verizon identified the failure to reconnect issue as a software bug with no fix ETA. What's worse is that every time I call in, I have to go through the same dance. Unplug the router, unplug the antenna, reboot your computer, blah, blah. Nobody seems to know this is a system-wide issue.

                  And today it's been down all day with all green router lights and no internet connection even after power cycles on my end and two switch resets on Verizon's end. They think there is a tower issue and get this - estimated 5 days to get an engineer out to fix it. I was able to get a $10 credit for the inconvenience. I'm guessing this will end with a class action lawsuit.

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                    It's not a tower issue at all, so your waiting will keep going. Its just need  a new firmware update to solve this.

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                      Isn't this site moderated by Verizon? Why don't we here from them in this forum?   Verizon are you listening?

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                        This is a peer to peer customer forum. The Moderators are tasked with keeping the posts and discussions within the rules in the Terms of Service here.

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                          Seems like if it was a firmware issue only, then all customers would be experiencing the same problem. Since some customers cannot keep a connection while others drop once in a while, I suspect there are other factors involved like tower types, location, etc. A firmware fix is probably what is required, but I am sure it is not easy to reproduce the problem in a lab and Verizon is mostly likely working with a small group of customers to debug the issue. There is always the chance that it is a hardware problem and some devices have more issues than others. It would be interesting to know what percent of the customers are experiencing a total disruption of service. It might be very small and that is why they continue to sell the product. The rest of us who experience an occasional failure live with it because the satellite alternative is much worse. Except for the occasional outages and corrupted downloads, this product is a thousand times better than what I had.

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