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    Changing Billing Date


      Is there a way to change my billing date? Right now my bill is due five days before I get paid, which causes my bill no be paid late, which in turn I get charged a late fee.



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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hi hgrubbs67! I know that you'd rather not have your bill due date occur before you get paid. Yes, it is possible to change your bill cycle date to reflect a different time of the month. I do want to advise you that to do so may make the first bill appear to be larger than normal. Here's why:

          Let's say that your bill cycle date now occurs on the 20th of each month, but you would prefer it to happen on the 10th. So If we were to make that change today (the 25th), you would get a bill that was generated on the 20th and then another bill on the 25th! So please keep that in mind when requesting this change. If you like, I can assist you with this change to provide a more personalized explanation. You need only search for DionM_VZW and request to follow (and I'll send you a Direct Message) or you can contact Customer Care at 800-922-0204.

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