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    iPhone 5 Transfer Sim Card


      I pre-ordered the iPhone 5 on a different line on my account that was up for an upgrade. Does the SIM card come pre-loaded with that phone number? Or is it not activated with a phone number until it is activated on a line?

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Good afternoon kmominee!

          SIM cards are convenient for being able to switch devices, but not as convenient when upgrading! As you mentioned, the SIM card does come programmed for the phone number it was ordered on. However, if you process order as an Alternate Upgrade, meaning, you requested to have it transferred to your line, the SIM will be programmed to your phone number. If it's not, you will be able to get a new SIM card from VZW or the Apple Store.

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            If I get a SIM card before the phone arrives, I assume that I can just replace the original with the virgin one and then activate the phone online. I assume that Verizon already has SIM cards in the stores.

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              I hope there is an easier way than having to go into a VZW store or to an Apple store on Friday to activate my iPhone 5 on the correct line.  VZW is the one that messed this up, not me. I transferred an upgrade from my daughter's line and ordered the iPhone for my line. I have the conformation page showing it on my line, however when I got the conformation email, the iPhone is now tied to my daughter's number.  Everything on VZW's website now shows it linked to my daughter's phone. So now I'm going to have a major inconvience trying to get a sim card switched out during VZW/Apple's busiest time of year because of VZW's mistake.

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                I called Verizon this morning and the rep said that there is no way that they can program a sim card to a number just in case it's delivered to a wrong address or something. She said you can go online and activate it on your line when you receive the phone. And it will program to your line.


                I have gotten so many different answers to these questions but the girl I talked to this morning seemed to make the most sense. Just do not turn your phone on until it's activated on your line through MyVerizon.

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                  Thanks for the info- I hope it ends up being that simple!