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    BEWARE of Verizon making up issues and lying


      the home button on the iphone recently stopped working.  I took the phone to the store at the mall and they looked it over, said there was no water damage and i should mail it in and get it replaced due to that being a common issue with the phone. So i did.  2 weeks later i get a 199$ charge for water damage through email with with a picture that would not load, and they would not resend me the picture to prove the damage.  When the phone left my hands it was in perfect condition then magically broke when Verizon needed to make some extra money.   I called to complain and talked to the rudest manager (mark) who would not give me and information at all.  Just said i should not have listened to the store because they do not make decisions.  So what i learned is NEVER go into a store because mark the manager said they lie, and never send your phone in the mail beacue once it is out of your hand they money hungry company will lie and cheat you out of your life savings.



      Never again Verizon customer (just canceled my cable and phone and internet)  GO COMCAST!!