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    iPhone 5 without losing unlimited data and without paying Retail?


      Ok Verizon. This is pretty disappointing. I switched over from AT and T because they nickel and dime everything and also because their service sucks. Also, I wanted to keep my unlimited data plan when I swich. I paid a premium to get iPhone 4S and Google Nexus Prime. I am ready to buy the iPhone 5 and I learnt I have to pay full retail price to keep my unlimited data plan! This is cheating. I feel sorry I gave you my business. So, now if I want to upgrade to iPhone 5, what options do I have?

      I am on a Family plan with 2 lines. My wife has an iPhone 4S and she has 1 year of her contract left . I am on a month to month situation. Any suggestions as to what I should do to avoid paying 650 and not losing my unlimited data? .Mine is available for upgrade. Both the lines have unlimited data. Any help will be appreciated.

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