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    Network Failure?


      My weather widget keeps telling me that there's a network failure, and it won't update. I've tried turning the phone off, tried a battery pull, tried deleting the widget off of the screen and putting it back. Nothing has helped. Is this a known issue?

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          I have been having the same problem since last night.  I thought if I shut my phone off last night it would be o.k. in the morning.  Still same problem.

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            Same here.

            I've tried rebooting, rebooting in safe mode. Nothing changes. Why can't we get any answers?

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Hi jwalt62. My phone is my lifeline to the weather too. It sounds like you've been trying hard to get the widget working again. In fact, you did everything I would have done too! The day you posted about the trouble, LG did report some issues with the device's stock Weather Application getting "Network Failure" and "the application Weather (process com.lge.sizechangeable.weather) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again later." messages. LG has recommended to download an alternative Weather Widget from Google Play if you continue to have trouble while the LG Weather Widget gets updated.

              Thank you

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                Thank you! I actually had to take my another phone on my plan out to one of the Verizon stores, and that's what one of the representatives recommended that I do. I currently have the weather channel app (which will be okay, I guess lol.. it's not as good as the phones!), but I was wondering if there was any way of knowing when the widget would be corrected?


                I have not experienced the "network failure" since the day I posted this, however, it doesn't keep the correct location or time as well as the unexpected stop (if LG was looking for more failure input).

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                  Found on another site... "Going into the App from Settings and deleting all the data fixed the issue. Just have Accuweather refresh after you delete..." --- this worked for me.  You'll end up adding back any locations that you had before, but it won't keep crashing (for me, at least).

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                    Well, it is the new year and the weather channel widget STILL fails to load. I have done all the basics, reload app, use different widget ect..still no widget!