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    "Background Data Restricted"


      Ever since I updated my phone, the notification "Background Data Restricted" appears almost every time I boot my phone back up.

      It goes away instantly and does not seem to affect the performance.  I don't understand why it keeps showing up and what it means.

      Does anyone know how I can stop it?

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          Try Doing a Clearing of Cache Partition and See if that Helps Drop that off. It may or May not help but it won't hurt to Try this i Usually do a Clear once a Month on my Maxx's.. b33


          These are the Instructions on Clearing the Cache Partition:  For Razr & Razr Maxx


          Top Alternate method


          1. Power the device off.
            Note Press the Power button then select Power off.
            Note If the device doesn't respond to input, press and hold the Volume Up / Down then press and holdPower button. When the device screen goes blank release the Power button while continuing to holdVolume Up / Down, proceed with step 3.
          2. Press and hold the Volume Up / Down then press the Power button.
          3. When presented with the Boot Mode Selection Menu release all buttons.
          4. Press Volume Down to select Recovery then press Volume Up.
          5. From the Droid triage screen, simultaneously press Volume Up / Down.
          6. Select Clear the Cache Partition then press the Power button.
          7. Select reboot system now then press the Power button.
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            Thank you "B33", I had been living with this annoyance for months. I thought it was something to do with the backups of contacts and such to the Verizon site and had searched a along time to try and figure out how to go in and free the data on the website to no avail. This was definitely a last nerve saver.

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              Your Welcome.. Glad it's back to running as should need any more Help just give me a Holler b