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    home fusion


      why does my home fusion cycle every 6 hours and use kb when the modem is unplugged. no computers are hooked up. 4 calls to tech and no help. I'm contacting the Florida PSC on monday. Terrible service.

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          My HF never cycles must be something wrong. And on the using kb/s mine does that as well when not in use. but never uses nuff worry tho.

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            rlanza, I am sorry that you are having home fusion issues. How long have you had this issue? Have we ever filed a trouble ticket for you? Have you reviewed our online resources for Home Fusion? Get more support here: http://bit.ly/NAz8m0

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              Home fusion is huge rip-off - I was talked into this when signing up for Iphone service because it was supposedly cheaper. I just cancelled with a fee of $340 just to cancel, and had racked up fees of $360 last month just for average use of Netfix.  Verizon's response?  We'll give you a credit of $100 because it would lack integrity to do a full refund. 


              With the purchase of a new phone to work with the Home Fusion system, I am out:




              Total of $760!!!  Sure helped to get that $100 credit.....not!


              I believe I was the victim of Verizon's mis-leading sales pitch.