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    Can't send text messages


      Three days ago this issue started.  I went to send a text message (phone is a Samsung Stratosphere). and it failed.  When I looked at details it had a cause of "Addr. Trns."  I called customer support and after doing what I had already done (removed the battery, left it out for a minute, turned phone off while she sent a 'refresh' to my phone etc) she put in a trouble ticket.  I have not heard from tech support about the ticket and still cannot text out.  I can receive text's but can't send (which is a pain).  I have unlimited text on my phone plan, my husband can text out (his phone is on my account) but I can't.  As soon as I try I get a 'message not send" beep and of course it doesn't go.  The numbers I am trying to text are other members of our family and on Verizon too. 


      I have removed and replaced my sim card (using the same card)as support suggested and that didn't work.


      Any other ideas of what I can do?