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    My Droid Razor won't charge


      My Droid Razor ran out of battery, so I went to go charge it and all that comes up is the 0% bsttery screen. It charged for a hour and still no life to my Droid. How do I fix this?

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          If you drained your battery completely, then it will take up to twelve hours for it to recharge. One hour will definitely not do anything. Also, I hope that you are using a wall plug and NOT trying to charge it using your computer. Plug it in and wait for at least eight hours to check it. It will also help if you charge it with your phone off.

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            Normally it Takes 4 - 5 Hours to charge a Razr  And 5 - 7 Hours to Charge a Razr Maxx and as Mortb said it Depends on how far it was pulled Down on my Maxx's i usually let them go all the way down till they shut down them selves them i'll put them on the Charger but if waited a Few hours after Razr went down it will take a while to pull it out of the Seller so i'd say when this happens again put it on the Charger do something for a couple of hours then give it a Check it should be in the Yellow stage or the Blue and if the Percentage is 50% let it go till 100% and then Let it Top off by going a additional 1 or 2 Hours then you should be Good to Go..


            For more helpful Tips on Charging and using your Razr  check out my Post Below:  b33

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              Hello Haida1!

              The community had some awesome tips! Thank you B33 for the link! They are correct, that when a battery is completely depleted, it can take several hours to charge up. Is your phone functioning now?

              I look forward to hearing from you!

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                Your Welcome Katie..  b33