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    How do i activate an old phone?


      I recently lost my iphone. it is off so i can not locate it. is there any way i can activate one of my old android phones? by dialing like *23 or something?





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          If it is not a 4G LTE smartphone, you can activate the old Android phone by dialing *228, option 1.

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            The above options are correct. Sometimes *228 will fail habitually if the esn is not changed in the system.


            You can go online change your esn and then do the *228 and it has a better chance of working.


            Customer service can also walk you through this.

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              So you have several options actually.

              You can do the OTA which is the *228 option number 1 to activate or program your phone as long as it is 3G or basic.


              You can also long in to My Verizon and you can maually type the MEID HEX number in yourself which is the number that starts with A00000 or A10000 or 990000


              The next thing is you can call customer service and they will be able to have it all ready to go for you, if it's an older basic phone you will need to call customer service cause more than likely it wll need to be manually programmed.


              If it's a 4G phone no matter what you need to go to a Verizon Wireless Corporate store to pick up a SIM free of charge, if you go to an idirect store they will charge you $10.00


              Hope this helps!

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Hi, brad611!

                I'm sorry to learn your phone was lost! Did you let us know the phone was lost to ensure it cannot be activated on another line? You can dial *228 SEND to get the Android device activated. The exception is 4G devices, they will activate through the SIM card. You may have one, or they can be picked up in a corporate store at no cost. Keep me posted!

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