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    USB error "Process com.android.settings stopped unexpectedly. Try again" since 8/28/2012


      Since August 28 when our two stratospheres wereif updated by Verizon - we get this error message when going to Settings - USB

      It doesn't let us change our options as before.


      1. Need to know how to fix new software install issue so we can change our USB options on phone. 


      I can still attached it to my computer by USB and I get the same message but when I close it the USB Storage in use comes up and I can use the USB connection on my laptop.  The samsung usb files are still on the laptop.


      2. Or other problem is our Desktop doesn't have the USB files on the Windows XP machine anymore.  Not sure how they got uninstalled so we cannot connect the USB to our desktop.


      Need to know how/where to find files so we can install them on boyfriends PC so he/we can use our USB.


      We have hard booted both phones.