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    SD card


      hey, i just bought a moto rival and had a question on the cards... i have pics on my old phone, can i save them to a card then put that card in the new phone? or do i hafta save them to the comp 1st, then reformat the card to the new phone?

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          In theory, yes. In reality, no. A media card is great for keeping you pics and will work phone to phone, but it has to format itself to the phone first. Once you put the card in your old phone, it will format itself to the phone, ereasing any pervious data on it (something you do not have to worry about if the card was recently purchased.) I would put the card in your pc and transfer the pictures. You can highlight all of the pictures and copy them over no sweat. Then put it in your new phone and it will format itself and you can safely put the pictures from your pc back on the card. Just to be safe, I'd keep a copy of those pics on your pc. :smileyhappy: