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    Samsung Stratosphere won't charge


      I have been very happy with the Samsung Stratosphere that I purchased about 6 weeks ago.  But yesterday, it stopped charging.  I tried several outlets and chargers, but each time I take the phone off it says "battery critically low."  This happens after being on the charger for several hours.  The ion says it's charging, and the phone beeps when the charger plugs in, but it has been nearly dead since yesterday, even though it has been plugged in for nearly 30 hours.  Has anybody else had this problem?

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          You might try the following:

          Power down the phone.

          Pull the battery. Wait for 2 min.


          With the battery out, plug in the phone to the charger.

          Try to power up the phone, and power it back down.


          Put the battery back in.

          Reconnect the charger.


          Allow the phone to charge for 1 hour.

          Power up the phone.

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            Could be a bad battery, you may want to call for a replacement.

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              i am on my second stratosphere and i had the same problem with my first one.its not the battery and i dont know why tech support or even the verizon stores have you do those stupid steps.even my second stratosphere just started doin the same thing as my first one and i have had this replacement for about a month and a half.i just wish verizon would send a different phone instead of the same phone but they wont do it because they dont want to spend the money.kind of makes me wanna switch back over to at&t again.

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Hey countrychris!

                Wow! I cannot believe that you have had the same problem with the battery on your Straosphere twice now. I wanted to chime in and just make sure that there weren't any apps that were put on to both phones to cause this. This might also be beneficial for other posters to this thread.

                There are battery saver applications or task killers that will actually do more harm than good. They can eat up your battery quickly if you have them set to kill apps too aggressively or they may just be detrimental to the phone. I would suggest removing these apps off the phone as the issue here is not a known issue with the Stratosphere. You can also try Safe Mode http://bit.ly/QUYpFd for a bit to make sure that an application is not causing the battery issue.

                We don't want you to go countrychris! The warranty covers the same make and model, unless for some reason they are out of stock. Then you would get a like model that we have in stock. Please let us know is there is anything that we can do for you to change things around for you!


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                  I've had this same problem with my first Stratosphere and I think it's starting again with my replacement.  When it was plugged in it wouldn't charge and it would keep saying it was charging/uncharging.  When I took it in the first time they didn't know what was wrong and gave me a new one and now I'm having similar problems but to a lesser degree. I have two chargers and batteries they gave me so it's not an issue with either of those.  Also, I hadn't downloaded any new apps either time this started.

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                        I am having the exact same problem...called battery replacement, got it, and now a few weeks later it is doing the same thing...I've spent lots of money on numerous chargers...all for nothing.  After 32 hours of charging it has 3% battery life.  It makes a sound when charger is plugged in, and it indicates it is charging....but after removing charger there is minimal charge.  Very frustrating after the price of this phone.  Suggestions????

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