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    Customer Service Number?


      When I dial the customer service number for Verizon wireless (1-800-922-0204) from my Tracfone, I get a recording telling me to call a different # (1-800-353-1842). I am greeted by a recording thanking me for calling Tracfone. It goes downhill from there.

      I am a Verizon customer. I have a verizon 890L Jetpack wireless wifi modem. When I call for verizon service, regardless of the phone I use to make the call, I need to talk to VERIZON customer service. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there another number I can call that won't shunt me off to a dead end?

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          sounds like you dont have any time on your phone, you need active service to dial a number

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            It does sound like you don't have tracfone minutes on your phone but we could be wrong. Your jetpack has a phone number you will need that phone number when you call Verizon to get through their automated machine.

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              Sorry, I don't think I was clear enuf in my first post. My tracfone has plenty of time, and was working fine. I emailed Verizon and got a call back from a very helpful girl named Debbie. She was surprised by the result after calling me on a landline and having me demonstrate the problem using my tracfone. Apparently, if you call the regular number using a Tracfone, Straight Talk or a Net10 phone, which are all affiliated with Verizon, the system directs you to call the tracfone service number without allowing access to Verizon. I see where this is possible, because Debbie was able to quickly identify my phone as a Straight Talk phone by the phone #. Not quite right, but that's what their system sees my phone as.

              Anyway, she gave me a different # to call for verizon service when dialing from my tracfone:




              I tried it, and it checked out.