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    Activation fees?


      I just bought a new phone on ebay, and I was curious as to if I'd have to pay an activation fee for this phone? It's a used phone, if that makes any difference.


      (you may have seen my other question about data plans. I must say, I am a cell phone *****. :/ )

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          If you already have service with Verizon then no.


          This is just a device id change if you already have service.


          If you don't have service with Verizon and you are either adding a line to someones account or starting your own. YES


          Unless you have an employee discount (ELEU) that is eligible to waive these charges. Such as... Example: USPS employee discount would waive these fees.

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            Ah. Thank you so much!

            I just wasn't quite sure, since this is the first time I'm doing this, and it's bad enough I have to upgrade my data plan lol