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    Samsung Stratosphere Email Issue


      I have had my new phone for approx 6 weeks, so I am still trying to figure everything out.  I use my comcast.net account (same as home) for email on my phone.  2 questions: #1 - Is it possible to delete multiple emails from my Inbox with one motion; i,e, the Trash Folder has an "empty trash" option. #2 - when I delete an email from my phone, it does not delete on my laptop; but when I delete email from my laptop first, it doesn't appear on my phone.  Can someone please give me advice?

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          Yes, don't use the stock email application. Download and use an alternate like the K9 Mail program instead. With it you can delete multiple emails at the same time. You can also configure whether to delete email on the mail server when deleted on the phone or not. I presume the mail program you are using on your PC allows you the same ability.