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    data connection


      having problems getting the data connection to connect any suggestions

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hi snitter0129,

          It's a real bummer when you need to access data and there is no connection. Let's do some troubleshooting to see what's going on! I'd like to ask some questions, so we can work together on a fix.

          What city/state/zip code are you in?
          Is this a new issue?
          Does this happen in a specific area or randomly?
          What is the current software version on your phone?

          Please power off/on and test the data in different areas(it's a good idea to power off/on once a day or so, just FYI). Please post back if you need any additional assistance. Thanks much!

          Christina B
          VZW Support
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            I was having problems. System settings-data usage-Mobile data...it was set to off after deleting an app. Works fine now.