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    Samsung Galaxy SIII GPS issues


      When trying to use the navigation feature on the SIII, it takes an extraordinarily long time (10 min plus) to lock the GPS, NOT/NOT a very useful feature.  Is there are fix for this, I am in a major metro area (Washington, DC & Tampa, FL) and experience the same delay in both cities.

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hello there Wes66vette!

          I would be completely lost without my Navigation, so I know just how important it is to have functioning GPS services!  I'm sorry you've encountered this difficulty.

          I definitely have some troubleshooting recommendations for you to see if we can get this up and running.

          First, some of the basics:

          - Power off your phone
          - Remove the battery
          - Remove the sim card

          Try your GPS again.

          If you've already tried this I would ensure that each available GPS function is turned on.  You can check them all by following these steps:


          Let me know how these steps worked out for you!


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            Hi Melissa. I am having the same issue. I followed the steps above and the GPS still will not lock on. I contacted Samsung about this and was told to contact Verizon. The GPS icon in the notification area just  keeps flashing. This pretty much makes the GPS feature useless. Can someone help?



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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Hey caluch,

              Sounds like you may have a problem with the hardware of the GPS antenna on your phone. Was there any damage at all? Do you have any case on it? Please try without connected accessories. Also, are you using the regular Navigation link or another application? When you enter into turn-by-turn directions, does it lock on at all? Please go into your Google Play Store and uninstall and reinstall the application that you are using and retest.

              Keep us posted if you're still having issues.


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                I am having the same problem.  The GPS signal never would lock on to give me navigation but it would show the map and give me a direction list.  My little blue dot would show up on the map but it was not a steadily moving dot.  Every so often it moved on down the road.  The trip was 2 hours long and the GPS never locked on the entire time.  Tried to use my Navigation on the way home and it still would not lock.

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                  My gps always loses signal and sometimes it even takes me to the wrong place Im starting to wonder how "great" the S3 really is. Im so frustrated with this GPS function if I could I would switch phones.

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                    Power reset all give only temp relief. basically the FIX is very bad and GPS keeps giving my wrong directions or I never get a fix for even 30 plus mins, then i reboot the phone, this time GPS fix in few mins. But soon it will start thinking i am in next road or some other direction etc.


                    This all over , not just citys, but also in places where there is open sky.

                    Clearly looks like major bug.


                    This is related to any recent upgrades in firmware or google maps application ?

                    When i got Sammy S3, the GPS used to work. but for last 3 months it has become very UN-usable.


                    Please suggest me a solution. is there any ways to know what is GPS firmware version, google maps app version, then we can know bug fixes went in there.



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                      I'm having the very same issue, I had no problem what so ever a few months ago, then recently my navi programs have been having issues locking onto a fix and I haven't been able to use them making them useless.  It makes me very upset as I use my navigation apps daily

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                        it might be a temporary fix but it has lasted for a couple of days now.  I powered down.  Took out the battery and simm card.  Let it set for a couple of minutes.  Put the simm card and battery back in and turned it back on. 

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                          I too am having this same issue.  Every day or when I try and use Nav or some other app that requires gps, it just states looking for GPS and the results are sporadic.  This was not a problem until approx 2 or 3 weeks ago that I am aware.  If I restart the SIII, it turns back on and works fine.  But I really don't think you should have to do this. 

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