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    VZW Free Text Message


      Anyone else get the recent text message from Verizon (3575) "An exciting free message from Verizon Wireless is on its way!  Stay tuned!  Reply STOP to quit or HELP for program details. 877-764-3513"?

      Replied HELP and Response is as follows:  "Thanks, this a VZW marketing msg.  Text STOP to quit or please call 877-571-0774 for more information."

      Called the 877 # and all I got was an answering service telling me about an exciting something or other to leave a message with phone #, carrier, make and model of phone.

      Stated it's from vibe.com or vive or something don't remember.

      Don't know if it's a marketing scam/spam using VZW as a cover, if it's legit or if it's the impending bug fix for ICS?