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    Verizon Jetpack Usage doubled overnight!


      Logged in to My Verizon yesterday to check my data usage ... Had just gotten a smartphone about a month ago and changed our plan to the shareable data.  Prior to this neither my husband or I had a smartphone, but we did have a Wi-Fi with 5G monthly allowance.  Never a problem with data overages.  When I checked yesterday, I was at 4.97 of 8G on our new sharable data plan ... with 6 days to go on the billing cycle ... a piece of cake.  I was concerned, however, because I had not received the alert from Verizon that I had reached 50% usage.  So I contacted them, and they fixed the problem with the alerts.  This morning I get up to see that I received a message saying that I was over my data by 1.1G?      How can this happen!!!!!    Rep said it was because my computer was on and browser had not been shut down ..... Perhaps, but we've been doing the same thing for over two years and never used over 4G in one night!  Anyone else have a problem like this?   Even though Jetpack is password protected, I went in and reset the password and updated plan to 10G so I wouldn't pay as much for overage.  Any insight would be helpful!

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          John Getzke

          hoosiergypsy wrote:


          Rep said it was because my computer was on and browser had not been shut down


          Chances are good that this is the best explanation that you will find for your problem.  Even though you are not actively surfing or consuming data your devices and application may still be chatting on the internet.  The best thing to do in these situations is to shut down your 4G/3G connection when you are not using it, or at the very least until you can identify and stop the leak.


          Example of Good Data Habits:

          1. Avoid Video, use low def options if necessary
          2. Avoid Streaming music, use low def options if necessary
          3. Avoid High-res pictures, use low def options if necessary
          4. Close down your applications when you are done using them
          5. Disconnect from the device when you are not using it
          6. Check in on your usage frequently until you understand what impact your habbits have on the plan
          7. Turn off automatic updates for any programs or services
          8. Secure your device by changing the default connection credentials to custom values
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            the best data habit is to keep unlimited data at all cost and avoid the share everything ripoff

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              I would love to have unlimited data, but don't think Verizon offers that option.   My son has Sprint with unlimited data, but says that their coverage isn't great .... with my work, I need have good coverage.

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                I was just hit with a $2,490.00 bill for my first month use on the new Share All data plan!!  When I changed plans Verizon mistakenly backdated my new plan a month prior, so it overlapped with my existing plan.  This set off data overage alerts immediately on my new plan.  I called Verizon  and they agreed it was a mistake and credited me the bogus charges .  In the meantime, I still received data alerts for the next 2 weeks, so I called Verizon back to see why I was continuing to receive the notices.  20 days into the plan I was told I was 189 gigs over my 2gigs I had signed up for!!  I had ignored the alerts because I believed they were from the original billing mistake. When I purchased the jet pack no information or instructions were given on using the wi-fi jet pack.  At the time I purchased the jet pack  I explained my main purpose was for internet usage.  I was told twice by Verizon reps that 2 gigs would be sufficient for me based on my past history usage. It was only when I received my bill and called Verizon the reps then explained you can't do hardly anything on the computer with 2 gigs.  They also informed me I had to shut the jet pack off when not in use, even take the batteries out, and shut off all computers as well.  This is not even useful.  I have a security system and phone jack that won't work unless connected. I won't use the jet pack anymore.  Verizon offered to credit me only $300.00!!  As an added insult I had to sign a 2 year agreement with the new plan and if I cancel early I will be hit with a cancellation fee as well!  I have been a Verizon customer for many years, but after being misled, misinformed and mistreated  I will cancel as soon as I can, friends and family as well!

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                  Here is the best solution for you, you need to take action to nip this before it gets out of hand.  In addition to your hotspot get a Pepwave Surf Mini and Peplink Balance 20 Router and then you will be able to monitor LIVE usage before verizon gives you the status.  You can watch what computers connects, who is on, and what data is being used, Hourly, Daily, Monthly. You can get the Gear at 3Gstore


                  See my screenshot

                  Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 1.03.54 PM.png

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                    I do all those things! and somehow my Usage went from 18G to 40G... grrrrrrr